ISI Professional Staff

Bradley A. Rodgers, Ph.D.
Bradley Rodgers serves as Senior Scientist and President of ISI. He has worked professionally in the field of underwater archaeology for 31 years, and currently directs the East Carolina University Program in Maritime Studies, the largest program producer of professional archaeologists in the country [more...]

Jeffrey Hicks, Ph.D.
Jeffrey Hicks is ISI's Business Manager and consulting Civil and Environmental Engineer. Commander Hicks (Retired) is a 32-year USN veteran with over 25 years of experience directing various projects for the Navy, including base business operations and financial management. Dr. Hicks successfully won and [more...]

Theresa Hicks, M.A.
Theresa Hicks is ISI's Operations Manager, Conservator, and Archaeologist. Theresa Hicks is a Registered Professional Archaeologist with 9 years of archaeological experience. Ms. Hicks served as the underwater

ISI Board of Directors

Wayne Lusardi, M.A.
Wayne Lusardi is employed by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources as State Maritime Archaeologist and is stationed at Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary in Alpena. Mr. Lusardi is responsible for the research, documentation, preservation, and management of nearly 200 shipwrecks located in [more...]

Hans K. Van Tilburg, Ph.D
Hans K. Van Tilburg is currently the maritime heritage coordinator and unit diving supervisor for NOAA's Office of National Marine Sanctuaries in the Pacific Island region, supporting survey, assessment, and preservation of underwater cultural resources under federal jurisdiction. He holds a B.A. in geography from University of California Berkeley, an M.A. in Maritime Archaeology/History from [more...]

Michael A. Palmer, Ph.D.
Michael A. Palmer, Ph.D. is senior research historian for ISI and Professor of History with the Program in Maritime Studies at East Carolina University. Professor Palmer earned his Ph.D. from Temple University in 1981, with teaching and research interests that include maritime, military, and diplomatic history. He has published ten books in these areas, including works of fiction. [more...]