ISI Services

The Inland Seas Institute stands ready to provide professional assistance to private businesses, state government agencies, museums, historic sites and other affiliated entities throughout the entire United States and abroad, in such areas as:

  • Consultation, recording and excavation of shipwrecks, submerged land sites and aircraft.
  • Archeological surveys of land, waterfronts, rivers, and underwater areas, including Section 106 Historic Preservation Act surveys, advanced side-scan sonar.
  • Artifact conservation services for museums and legally recovered artifact collections.
  • Educational lectures concerning archeology, shipwrecks, artifacts, antiquities and maritime history.
  • Consultation concerning historic architecture, building and monument preservation.
  • Museum Related Consultation concerning preservation and curation of artifacts.
  • Grant and preservation related advice for historic sites and parks.
  • Artifact collection analysis for historic sites.
  • Ship model preservation and repair.