About ISI

The Inland Seas Institute was created in 2013 as a unique and diverse corporation of professional archaeologists, historians, engineers, and cultural resource managers. Our work includes discovery, care and management of historic shipwrecks, artifact conservation, waterway surveys and preservation of marine archaeological finds to the highest professional standards.

Though a young organization, our internationally recognized staff and Board of Directors bring to the table over 75 combined years of successful archaeological experience. Our cultural heritige professionals have served as Primary Investigators on over 80 major archaeological projects, ranging from the earliest 16th and 17th century sites in Bermuda and the East Coast to the USS Arizona and USS Saginaw in the Pacific. We have analyzed, explored, documented and helped to preserve shipwrecks from the Great Lakes to the many islands of the Caribbean.

Our conservators have more than 40 years of artifact conservation and building preservation experience. We have worked with artifacts ranging from 16th century cannons and Spanish conquest weaponry to artifacts from the attack on Pearl Harbor. Our professional staff has published hundreds of books, professional articles and site reports dealing with maritime history, archaeology, and artifact conservation. We are the people you call to find and record shipwrecks or make sure your museum artifact collection, monument or historic buildings are stable.